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Since 2001, D. O'Shaughnessy Consulting, Inc. ("DOC") has provided comprehensive services in the field of chemical regulation and registration for  both the US and Canada clients. We offer expertise in toxicology as well as other regulatory sciences . DOC can handle all aspects of chemical regulation and registration from planning and development out in the field to management of lab data and intellectual property through EPA and Canadian registration, data compensation, arbitration, and litigation support.


We offer both English and French translation services with special expertise in chemical and agricultural terminology.



The Principals at D. O'Shaughnessy Consulting 


President Don O'Shaughnessy, PhD, DABT, DABFM, has worked in the chemical industry for nearly 30 years, beginning in a toxicology laboratory as neurotoxicologist and neuropathologist, and then progressing to Regulatory Affairs and managing and submitting data for all regulatory requirements, including laboratory and field studies of metabolism, residues, dissipation, and human and environmental risk assessment. 


Vice President  & CIO Colette O'Shaughnessy has more than 15 years experience in computing and data base management, as well as computer graphics and layout, pesticide and other chemical label and MSDS development. She is a member of the Canadian French Translation Bureau with expertise in chemical and agricultural terminology.


Don and Colette are dual citizens of the United States and Canada and offer their services in both English and French.



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